Meet the Team

Meet and get in contact with our world class multi-disciplinary team and leaders.

The Team

You can meet some of our multi-disciplinary team of 60 members below. We have backgrounds in healthcare, clinical research, informatics and computer science.

Dr. Paul Clifford

Co-founder & CEO

Aidan Morris

Co-founder & President

Toby Rogers

Chief Technology Officer

Natalie Kenneison

Head of Operations

Oliver Brown

Head of Care Solutions

Paul Rawston

Head of Marketing

Mark Rogers

Customer Software Projects Lead

Mark Robinson

Solution Architect - Atmolytics

Matt Barker

Solution Architect - Care Partner

Angela Wheeldon

Lead Software Engineer - Atmolytics

Paul Suart

Lead Software Engineer - Atmolytics

Pip Jordan

Project Support Officer

Richard England

Business Development Manager

Kiran Padda

Project Manager - Knowledge Transfer