Care Partner

Delivering patient-centered care coordination, resource utilization and measurable population health insights.

Some of our customers

Coordinating and improving personalized care

Supports collaboration across teams by effortlessly capturing, sharing and reviewing patient information across medical, social and behavioural health.

Personalize the patient journey

Insight rich and transparent patient data improves the continuum of care, significantly improving outcomes for your patients and population.

Work offline from your mobile

Access work lists, complete contact records and assessments anytime, anywhere.

Analytics at your fingertips

Track individual and population health outcomes using our devolved analytics platform, Atmolytics.


Work Lists

Manage the individuals you work with day-to-day.


Record and demonstrate the achievement of key stages in the integrated care pathway.


Schedule events and contacts for individuals and your team.

Care Planning

Simply associate a goal to one or more needs and then review the Care Plan.


ICD-10 supported.


Gives an overview of each individual's data.

What our customers are saying

The system promotes recovery, enhances communication and improves engagement with the patient. The result is a real improvement, not only in the quality of the patient's experience but also in communication between clinicians. Director of Mental Health Services, NHS Ayrshire and Arran